A pioneering platform reinventing mental health.

Our story

kindcody was built on the foundations of supporting individuals to feel happier within themselves. It begun as a counselling platform and has since developed into much more that just that!

Ben Fitzgerald and Rosie Frost are the founders of kindcody and both have their own personal reasons for their motivation behind this community.

"We are a pioneering platform reinventing wellbeing.

We cherish who you are and nurture your self-care journey"

- kindcody

The kindcody mobile app

kindcody is the community where you can be you. It’s your journey to healthier physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing.


Once a member you gain access to live fitness classes, guided meditation, workshops on nutrition and mental health, exclusive podcasts, articles and so much more; all from our licensed coaches, counsellors and practitioners.

Discover our groups: NURTURE, BOOST & UNWIND!

kindcody is the place where you decide: fitness, nutrition, meditation, counselling, mental health, yoga and motherhood: your journey really is limitless.


What our members say

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I just listened to your podcast.

Powerful,beautiful, a lovely dedication to your friend who I bet would be proud of you. You have a very easy voice to listen to

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Wellness for our mind & body

This app is revolutionary, a one stop shop for help and support if you are struggling, and also for improving your physical health. Yet, a fabulous platform if physical fitness is your only goal too. Everything under one roof. The coaches really know their stuff & are all so lovely too.

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Millie E

This app has helped so much with every aspect of my life. From nutrition to meditation, counselling to live fitness classes, I’m really pleased I downloaded it. The team are so helpful and the layout is really easy to use. Would thoroughly recommend

kindcody delivers the

highest quality 1-1 support

kindcody bookings

If you feel you need extra support to meet your goals, overcome a challenge or feel more self-confident, our on demand 1:1 booking system is right at your fingertips.


Book your session and feel a sense of calm. Fitness instructors, Nutritionists, Counsellors, Yoga instructors, Meditation coaches and many more. 


We are here for you, always.


Looking to grow your practice?

We provide you with the platform that allows you to deliver 

your online services to the people that need you most.

If you are keen to expand your practice and want to excel as a

self-employed practitioner, then kindcody is perfect for you. 

All of our kindcody coaches receive premium access to our mobile app to help support and improve your own health as you navigate your way through your professional career.

Why should YOU work with kindcody?

At kindcody we aim to support individuals to be who they want to be. We thoroughly believe in a holistic approach, combining mental, physical and nutritional wellbeing. 


As a professional with us, you are welcomed fully into this community.


Your benefits are:

  • Full premium access to our community app 

  • We help promote your services through Facebook and Instagram; therefore increasing your value proposition!

  • We support your career as much as you need: professional advice, guidance and the opportunity to network and make friends

  • Joining a group within the app, specifically for professionals

  • You can charge your own rates. We take a flat fee of £6 per booking, regardless of the rate

Counsellors and Coaches: 

if you specialise in any of the following areas, get in contact today!


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If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger the following resources can provide you with immediate help.
- If you or someone you know are going through a crisis moment and are in the state of emergency where there is potential risk to one's life please call 999.
- Call the Samaritans free helpline. It's open 24 hours, 365 days of the year.
- Text the YoungMinds Crisis Messenger, for free 24/7 support across the UK if you are experiencing a mental health crisis. 

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